Tincture from ‘The Cannabis Chef’

While stumbling around doing research on Glycerin Tincture I found this, Chefs knows what I am talking about its used for icing and subistute sugar.

One of the most helpful ways to use cannabis medicinally, especially if you’re ill and can’t be around smoke (which is dangerous to your health, anyway) is that you can take Glycerin Tinctures. Everyone acts as if it’s really new, but it’s the same for every kind of herb tincture.

This article is excellent, as it goes over both the crock pot and jar methods:


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CDB Products are now here and available Nationwide!

Cannabis is an amazing plant! The newest developments have involved research into Cannabidiol (CDB). Cannabidiol, unlike THC, is not a substance that gives you a “High,” it’s an antipsychotic that has been shown to reduce inflammation, increase alertness, reduce epileptic seizures and convulsions, help kill cancer, and many other things.

There are a few companies like http://dixiebotanicals.com/ which are now selling products that you can use to improve your life by helping your body fight illnesses and keep you in shape!

I’ve posted about CDB previously, but really recommend that you look into this:

Video on what CDB Does – http://youtu.be/31SrjjgPbhU
Also check Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabidiol

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my intro

I’m Criss I’m 28 years old and from MO. I’d like to say that I know many many people who use hemp ,weed, cannabis or whatever you want to call it; its an amazing thing and I for one am pro all the way. My uncle went to the doctor a couple of months ago and his doctor got mad and said, “You’re never sick; I can never find anything wrong with you!” my uncle laughed and said,”Well, Doc if it wasn’t for weed I definitely wouldn’t be as healthy as I am–sorry about that!” Now, he’s almost 76 years old…can’t go wrong with that!

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Hemp Flour

Wow, cool I found a first source of hemp flour. From Australia


I want a 100% Whole hemp sandwich! :D

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Cannabis legal in Colorado and Washington

It’s exciting news, if you don’t know yet- Colorado and Washington voted on legalization.

It won and now Cannabis is legal in those states!

This is such a great goal as we have Colorado already on the front lines for cannabis – with Cannabis Science schools and labs. Setting rules on decrim in years past.

We’ll see a decrease in their Black economy and prison populations. We’ll see an increase in health, as its been shown that cannabis can help your body dispose of cancer and other illnesses.

Next,we need to get Cannabis legal back in the Heartland where it really thrived. Missouri and Kentucky were top growing states.

When this happens our resources will greatly increase – less trees to cut for paper, local sources for bio diesel, healing medicines and a great amount of supplies.

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“Mexican study claims legalizing marijuana in just ONE U.S. state could cut drug cartel profits by 30%”

What would happen is cannabis was legalized? It’s hard to tell according to many.  I personally don’t think its as complicated as people make it to be.

A few people say the stopping spending money on recreational users would help a lot, some state that “No, we’ll be spending more to rehab them”.  I take take that as totally false but I don’t believe in the harm that people nail to cannabis.  Addiction problems happen with everything from caffeine, to dating, to porn, to nearly anything, people get addicted to eating dirt – this isn’t an issue this would change.

There’s always the claim the industrial use would go up and make us a lot of money, I agree.  Just as profit from cannabis sales could pull these states going bankrupt back up by the bootstraps – I agree.

The biggest, which is REALLY Close to home since I am in Kansas City and the Cartel frequent here – deadly people who don’t care for life and this makes a HUGE PROFIT for them.  This would cut out their profits.   This study in the link below has found this to be true.  I know for a fact that its a insane profit margin from border to hands of people on the streets.  This fuels violence as it funds their guns, etc…

See this link for the story…


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Ask the Experts.

If you have questions about cultivating marijuana, ask them here. I will cite many references and give you the benefit of my 20+ years of growing  experience. I do not advocate illegal acts. All information given on here if for informational uses only. Do NOT break the law.

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Marijuana Gateway to Health

What “Weird Trick” can you use for healing?

The cannaboid system is an essential and important part of our body!

Learn about you’re cannaboid system!

[amazon asin=098342618X&text=www.amazon.com]


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Follow up on ASA Appeals Hearing

“What?!? This sounds as it went nowhere. “DEA Knows, there scientists” – Feds have it patented since ’03?!? Why doesn’t this info come back? This is just time again for them to work on a new reason. -> “Look at the trouble of ‘spice’…” or something. There is 6000+ years of research that gets ignored. If we can ignore that I know big Rx put the research on paper in the 1900-1937 time period.” – My Comment to ASA

I just don’t get it.  Cannabis is safe. Its a #1 Medicine forever (6000+ years),  Feds have a patent on it - 6630507 - http://www.google.com/patents/US6630507 - Though that gets swept under the rug?!?  Come on guys.

In case you still haven’t seen that big Rx has been big into cannabis  look -http://antiquecannabisbook.com/

See the whole article from ASA - http://safeaccessnow.org/blog/blog/2012/10/16/appeals-court-hears-case-on-medical-value-of-marijuana/comment-page-1/#comment-43878

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Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Reviewing Scientific Evidence Reaches Federal Court For First Time In Nearly 20 Years

This is some exciting news to see, we’ll see how it goes over this time.  It’s rather insane that the Federal government bans all Cannabis – Indrustrial (which they’ve have had it breed for inability to smoke getting the THC effects) and Medical Strains  labeling both a Schedule I drug with NO MEDICAL USE.  Especially when they hold the patent to using Cannabis for medical use!

ASA will be taking the DEA to the court of Appeals on Oct 16.  On call will be  Dr. Donald Abrams who I’ve had video’s on here before.  We have several people like him and Dr.  Melemede who are amazing scientists who have studied the effects that THC and other Cannabioids have on the human endocannaboid system.

I’ve had personal medical experience with cannabis, it’s been something that can successfully reduce the disabling pain of my migraines unlike any pharmaceuticals (and I’ve been prescribed quite a few! – Not to mention the toxic side effects!).  If  any  pharmaceuticals had any effect on my migraines it was always sickly and severely intoxicating.

Follow this link below and see more about this case -

Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Reviewing Scientific Evidence Reaches Federal Court For First Time In Nearly 20 Years

Read more: http://www.thcbiz.com/news/industry/1366-medical-marijuana-lawsuit-reviewing-scientific-evidence-reaches-federal-court-for-first-time-in-nearly-20-years.html#ixzz28ixdA5kg

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